The company was founded in 1999 in order to leverage technological capabilities in building community portals for business purposes.

Mad-logic engages in the formulation of operational marketing solutions via the Internet.

The basis of the approach adopted is the user experience as a pivot point, whose main purpose is to expose the information to action.

This is done by integrating technical ability in the selection of interface components, their graphical compatibility with the customer’s requirements and user expectations.
The creation of natural flow processes for the convenience of the user so that the mere surfing will create an experience
that will leave the user the impression that the client wanted to create and motivate him to take the steps that the client wanted to see.

Mad logic  Has developed many sites and portals and its services include:
Website design and construction
Dynamic website design and portals
Development and placement of content management systems
Providing Internet marketing tools

Mad-Logic has opened site generators and advanced portals that enable it to build complex and large-scale systems on a stable platform

According to the customer’s requirements while considering unlimited upgrade and expansion capabilities.